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What is the Be Awesome Project?

In the spring of 2013 I came up with the idea of the Be Awesome Project, but I didn’t start producing content online until almost 2015. After a decade of blogging about my “evolution of Chase” I was yet again ready to make some changes. I needed a new outlook on life and spent months thinking about how I wanted to live. I decided I wanted to “be awesome”. But just being awesome was too simple of a thought and I decided I needed to define exactly what that meant…here is what I came up with:

The Be Awesome Project – How to create your #BeAwesome life. 

  1. Create your Awesome Space
    • Make a home no matter where you may be at any given time
    • Create a work space you love that fills you with joy and inspiration
  2. Develop your Awesome Self
    • Your physical self – be healthy; take care of your body, move, eat, enjoy what you can do despite any real or perceived limitations
    • Your mental self – keep your mind sharp; learn, play, explore. Meditate, relax and restore
    • Your relationships with others – how to give and receive love
  3. Live your Awesome Purpose 
    • What are you most passionate about and how can you leave your philanthropic impact upon the world?

Now that I’ve figured out the outline of what I want my life to be, it’s time to start making it happen. By sharing my journey I hope to inspire others to create their own #BeAwesome life based upon their goals and passions.

As always, thank you for taking time out of your life to share in mine. *hugs* Chase