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Starting at #2

Getting through this foot surgery was my last barrier to getting back on the “Be Awesome” plan. Since I am currently off work recovering I need to take advantage of this time and develop my game plan. For me planning is everything, as I am the opposite of spontaneous and I am great at negotiating my way out of something. So boom. Let’s get this shit done.

When I started brainstorming The Be Awesome Project, I developed a plan on how to create your #BeAwesome life. #2 is:

  • Develop your Awesome Self
    • Your physical self – be healthy; take care of your body, move, eat, enjoy what you can do despite any real or perceived limitations
    • Your mental self – keep your mind sharp; learn, play, explore. Meditate, relax and restore
    • Your relationships with others – how to give and receive love

I am going to start with my physical self since I need to start rehabbing from my surgery anyway. Logical right? I love logic. Fortunately my background is in exercise science and I’ve been working in the fitness/wellness world for over 15 years now. I know what I need to do but I need to make it formal and official or I’ll crap out as I have done several times over the past 7 years. So let’s make my game plan!

I am scheduled to be off work for 2 more weeks since I am not allowed to drive right now and am supposed to be non-weight bearing. I had my first check-up yesterday and while it was AMAZING to leave my apartment for a bit I was completely exhausted when I got back despite such minimum movement. I need to respect the healing process, but be proactive in my recovery so I am going to develop my plan in phases.

Length: 6 Weeks
Goal: Recover and Remobilize

Plan of attack for the next 6 weeks:
Day 1: Upper body mobility
Day 2: Upper body strength
Day 3: Traditional core work
Day 4: Lower body mobility
Day 5: Lower body strength
Rest day then Repeat cycle

Crutching to my doctors appointment yesterday wore me out more than expected so today will be a rest day. I haven’t felt much motivation for a long time but after my foot update yesterday I feel like I am finally getting to a physical place where I’ll be able to work on my goals.

Are you ready to create your own awesome journey?

#BeAwesome ~ chase


getting past the barriers to be awesome

The past 7.5 years have been a struggle. I have tried to resurrect myself from each difficult situation and find my awesome again, but there remained one constant difficulty. If I take the time to step back and think critically and objectively about everything, it all comes back to my stupid foot. Which evolved into my stupid feet. My feet have been my barrier to being awesome again.

I lost my identity when I became injured and have struggled to redefine myself. At some point I just became so frustrated I gave up. I wanted to try to refocus on this project again, but I decided I was never going to get anywhere until I tackled the foot situation.

And I have! Er, I am! Well, I let myself get hacked open again!


My current view – binge watching House of Cards while karma protects my post-op feet

I knew eventually I’d have another surgery on my left foot to remove the hardware from my last procedure. I didn’t know I would need more work done and that the right foot would also decide it needed some surgical loving. So I had surgery on Tuesday; removing neuromas from both feet, the hardware from the left, and also some slight revisions to my MTP fusion (they shaved off more bone). I am in pain of course, but it feels like less pain than previous surgeries? I am trying to wean off my pain meds already, but that is more because I miss pooping and they basically shut that shit down, literally. My first post-op appointment is tomorrow and I am hoping for a good report card. My total heal time is about 6 months, but am staying optimistic that I will finally be out of constant pain.

Even though I am in the initial healing stages I feel like I can finally start to work on the Be Awesome project. And I am going to start with #2 Develop your Awesome Self. I realize I am not starting at #1 but I feel like you can start your transformation wherever it makes sense. For now I need to focus on my physical self. I need to heal, and rehab, and stop self-medicating with fish tacos and beer (well at least not every night).

Once again I am making the commitment to work on my own awesome. Let’s see how crazy this ride is going to get.

#BeAwesome ~ chase


Happy Holidays from me and the kitties!

Every year I make a fun (and somewhat creepy) holiday greeting video on Jib Jab with my cats. Wishing you all nothing but awesomeness!

#BeAwesome ~ Chase


The hardest thing about writing honestly is exactly that…being honest. Let’s face it; no one wants to admit when things aren’t going wonderfully. Just take a look at almost any social media account. Sure you have the emo “woe is me” bunch, and the ones who thrive on drama, but in general people only post shiny happy things. Even on my own social media accounts 90+% of my posts are positive. Typically my Instagram photos consist of good booze, fatty food, the cats, and me in a banana suit.  My Twitter posts can reveal when I am having a bad day, but more often than not I only ramble about random things that seem to end up being more sexual in nature (hence why I have a locked account). The delicate balance of wanting to stay positive, while sometimes battling the negative aspects of life is daunting. Ergo I have avoided writing for over a year.

Occasionally I would start to work on a post, but it would never see its way to fruition. Instead I would allow myself to get caught up in all of the reasons my brain could come up with to not write. But now, well now I am attempting to recommit myself to writing…and it scares me. My fear comes from the desire to be honest, but somehow feel like I am not completely exposed – my writing style however doesn’t mesh well with that idea. So, here I go again. Back to the writing I love, but with a deep down fear that somehow something I write will be my undoing.

I have been publishing my thoughts online for almost 10 years, but my place in life keeps shifting so I am always wary of who will search for me online and use my thoughts against me. Of course not everyone out there spends as much time on the internets as I do, and certainly not everyone searches the name of someone they know, but still I have this perhaps irrational fear of a part of my life being negatively affected by my online antics. But, here I go again.

I am however, planning on attacking my writing differently by separating my posts between my two sites; chasesterling.com and beawesomeproject.com. My namesake site will consist of a hodge podge of my thoughts, basically just as it is now. There I will vent about life, agonize about my impending foot surgeries, and simply try to decide what the hell I am doing with my life. I will also be re-focusing on this site, but am wavering on doing it now or simply waiting for the new year because, procrastination. I developed a system, in my brain and on a whiteboard anyway, on how to make life awesome and I need to start/stay committed to the process.

Woooo! Look at that. I wrote something and on a side note I did it on a plane to Seattle :)

SEA flight

So what now? Well I am going to get back to my love of writing and share what has happened since I took an extended hiatus. I’d like to be able to say “I’m going to write every day, or post X number of times a week” but when I do that instead of staying accountable to myself I create super awesome excuses to not write. What will motivate me? You. The amazing people who take time out of your lives to share in mine. Your love, thoughts, messages, and even more has kept me going and for those of you I have interacted with you are never far from my mind. I am still unsure of where my life is headed…but I hope you will stay with me as I continue on my evolution.

#BeAwesome ~ Chase