What is the Be Awesome Project?

The idea of the Be Awesome Project came about as I was sitting in a cubicle, utterly bored and extremely discontent with my life. After writing out the framework I slowly started incorporating the steps into my life and found myself happier, healthier and generally more awesome šŸ™‚ I started working on a book (in progress!) andĀ blogging about my experiences in awesomeness.Ā I eventually decided to roll the Be Awesome Project into my work life by moving my coaching business onto this site as well. Knowing myself I’ll likely never consider this site “complete” so if things move around don’t be surprised. I’m hoping that by sharing my philosophies and experiences I can help other people live their version of a #BeAwesome life. (here’s hoping hashtags last)

The Be Awesome Project – How to create your #BeAwesome life.Ā 

  • Create your Awesome Space
    • Make a home no matter where you may be at any given time
    • Create a work space you love that fills you with joy and inspiration
  • Develop your Awesome Self
    • Your physical self – be healthy; take care of your body, move, eat, enjoy what you can do despite any real or perceived limitations
    • Your mental self – keep your mind sharp; learn, play, explore. Meditate, relax and restore
    • Your relationships with others – how to give and receive love
  • Live your Awesome PurposeĀ 
    • What are you most passionate about and how can you leave your philanthropic impact upon the world?

As I mentioned above I am currently writing a book which provides a detailed outline and worksheets to help you create your Be Awesome life. I am hoping to complete it in 2016 and have it ready for shipment by the holiday season. In the meantime you can connect with me on social media and check out the blog. If you’re interested in more personalized help to make your life more awesome check out the Get Awesome section to see how myself or one of my awesome friends can help you.